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On the pros and cons of online casinos and real casinos said a lot of words. But still very useful to conduct a comparative analysis between the game on the internet and in these gaming machines in various casinos. Immediately it may seem that between them are not so many differences, in contrast to, for example, desktop or card varieties. However, they are, and very significant. But first, let's say about the similarities.

Firstly, in the real and online gaming machines symbols on the reel are determined by a random number. Only it affects the outcome of the game, and thus interfere in his work an honest way unrealistic. The general principle of the game is also the same: the player presses the button, after some processes appear on the screen different combinations that can bring you a variety of prizes.

In general, both versions of the game are computer programs that run on any hardware or your computer screen. But they have differences. Let's start with the advantages of virtual slot machines. First of all, online slot machines, you can play for free , and in fact in the gambling houses such a possibility no one will give you. Many players prefer online casino for precisely this reason. Almost every one of us decides to first test the game on playmoney, and only then move on to real rates.

Also, online slot machines give users a higher payout percentage. You can not say that all games are becoming more profitable, but such a rule exists. The explanation for this is very simple, conventional casinos are spending more natural than the owners of virtual gambling houses. More can be seen that on the internet, you will never run into the problem of inaccessibility of your favorite machine. In reality, your favorite slot machines can be a long time occupied by other players. In online casinos, this is impossible, but if not carried out any technical work.

Moreover, the range of virtual casino is incomparably greater than the range of a real institution. And finding the right machine you totally unnecessary travel from one place to another. Any slot machines on the Internet are at a distance of a few clicks, which can not fail to please the players. On the other benefits of virtual games will not speak. Large-scale tournaments, bonuses and promotions, no additional costs, security - all this is known to anyone who has ever played in online casinos . The last argument in its favor is the fact that not all lovers of slot machines have the opportunity to play in real life.

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