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If the player has selected for animals that did not start, replace the system play those with spare horses. Reserve Hester awarded the rank. Spare horses are ranked according to the distribution efforts of individual horses in that department. This means that the horse with the highest effort being ranked as first reserve, the horse that has the second highest effort being ranked as second reserve, etc.

Reserve Hester awarded by the first rated spare horse checked against the player's selections in the department. Have not player selected for the first rated spare horse, enters into this, and the player participates with it. Is the first rated spare horse selected by the player, check the other rated reserve horse to the player's selections, and so on until the player has been replaced the number of horses he has highlighted, but that did not start in that department. Here is a list of top notch online casinos, list include all Net Entertainment brands where you can make lots of money online!

If a player in a division has been awarded every spare horses according to the above, but still has markings for non-runners, repeated allocation of spare horses until the player has been replaced the number of horses he has highlighted, but not start. This means that the same spare horse can be assigned to two or more times, and that same bong can win with the same horse twice or more.

If two or more spare horses in a division have equal input distribution, the Precedence made ​​acc. rising for that spare horses. If one of these horses wins, however this then be ranked ahead of the other equally marked. A record receipt entitling them to profit when the acc. contains  for winning horse in each of the six units, or five or four departments, or when corresponding spare horses are assigned (winning combination).

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