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A commitment of all the half bet or more, which is still less than a full commitment for the round is considered a full commitment in respect of investments. Poker Players acting under commitment can fold, call or make a full raise. In addition, all players who acted before the "commitment of all" choose to fold, call or raise, as if "the focus of everything" was a common raise.

In No Limit and Pot Limit need any investment to be at least the size of a previous bet (or raise). The only exception is when a player decides to bet everything. A "focus of everything" that is smaller than the previous bet or raise not open the action again for players who have already acted and is considered a vision as regards investment. Players acting after the commitment of all to fold, call (they will appear when the focus before the focus of everything) or raise.

Players have the ability to put themselves at more than one table at any time. There is a maximum of eight tables that can be open simultaneously by one user. There are no restrictions on the type of table. It can be any type table in all possible combinations.

This option lets you display your cards in situations where they normally would. "View / Discard" button pops up on your screen for a few seconds, and if you do not press the cards will automatically be discarded. This option is not displayed for players who have selected "Auto Roll" button. The boxes can be marked on the pre appear automatically when there are still some players who will act before you. The box lets you choose from a variety of actions that will automatically execute when it is your turn to act, which saves time. The option you choose will only be performed if it is still available when it is your turn to act, otherwise the new options emerge.

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