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Slot Machines
There are no game rules offer easier access than slot machines. In order to play, you simply need to pull a lever or press a button. This action allows you to trigger the rotation of the rollers. When they stop, you discover different symbols. If they form a winning combination, you win money. Otherwise, you gain nothing. Pay for the various combinations, simply go to the payable.

The inventor of the first machine in history is named Charles August Fey. Passion for mechanics, this German-American develops Liberty Bell. Quickly, the last meeting a great success that drives many companies to engage in the creation of slots. A new industry was born.

The latter is particularly successful in the 40s, after the creation of the Flamingo, the famous first hotel-casino in Las Vegas launched by the Mafia Bugs Siegel. Indeed, it has the idea of installing massive slot machines in his establishment to allow women players entertained while their husband is addicted to games. This strategy has been particularly pay and install games from slots casinos stars. To learn more about the history of slot machines.

There are many different slot machines. Indeed, they can offer many varied topics such as westerns, horror, fruits or animals, for example. In addition, you can find bandits mechanical with 3 reels but also video slots latest generation offers 5 reels. Finally, some slot machines offer special symbols (such as Wild or Scatter) or special features (such as free spins or bonus games). If you are looking for additional information on the different slots, please visit the website Top Sub Machine .

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